How To Keep A Betta Fish Happy

click hereYou can frequently find this statement in the directions over a package of standard fish food; however, betta fish if due to the chance will eat 3 Big Macs, a double side of fries, a chocolate shake plus an apple pie in 3 minutes in case you give them the chance. Bettas are simple to overfeed and also the result is usually a bloated abdomen. The stomach of the betta is all about as big as certainly one of his eyeballs. Feed your betta an eyeball-size quantity of food 1 or 2 times daily. For an adult male betta, that is certainly about three or four small pellets or bloodworms. Observe your betta for a wholesome weight. Bettas constantly overfed will be fat throughout their entire body and underfed bettas will appear too thin.

A healthy betta is definitely an active betta. Bettas constantly explore their surrounding and spend most of their day swimming around their aquarium. They often reply to their owners by begging for food and wiggling their tails too. If your betta just lays around not doing much, perform the common water tests checking the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH levels. Make sure the aquarium water is adequately warm for your betta. Water that is certainly too cool will slow the cold-blooded bettas’ metabolism down making him more sluggish.

Play together with your betta. While tapping an aquarium tank is a natural human reaction, some experts say to avoid this given it can cause an unhealthy shock for your unprepared betta. Rather, trace your finger over the glass and watch for the fish to react.

Replace 50 percent of the water on a daily basis if you want a larger betta. Bettas excrete a hormone that inhibits their growth, so removal of most of this water is vital for maximum growth, according to the Betty Splendens website. Refill the tank with clean treated water.

While they've got earned the name "fighting fish," betta males are more interested in establishing dominance than harming the other. But injuries and general unpleasantness do often occur when several males, or really merely a male betta and any other fish, are put in the tank together. So it's best to feel that your male betta will live alone.
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